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About Me


“If I were to use a word to best describe this phase I’m experiencing, I’d call it seeking. Beyond everything, I consider myself to be a seeker – a seeker of knowledge that India’s vast cultural heritage offers.

As a step towards this journey, I try to play my little role in conserving, preserving, and bringing awareness to the heritage of our country through the many endeavours I am a part of. This include through experiential immersions, various projects that I undertake or the lectures and workshops I conduct.

Hailing from a small village in Tamil Nadu, my formative years of developing my worldview started when I stepped in as a student at Kalakshetra. From then on, unlimited access to books and interactions with people from various backgrounds pushed me to see the arts as a fragment of a much larger frame, culture. Being presented with the opportunities to explore, study, question, debate and learn with some of the best scholars and academicians, helped me embark on my journey.

My way of giving back to what I have received, is to initiate an interest in cultural heritage preservation and safeguarding, and sustain that curiosity for all our future generations, particularly for young students. As I have always believed, knowledge of our past can help us create a better future.”

A seeker and a student always…

S Jayakumar

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